About Soares Landscaping

Our Mission

To build and maintain beautiful landscapes that enhance the lives of homeowners and their family & friends.

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Our Core Values


Whether in business or personally, we believe that integrity is an essential component of any meaningful relationship. Without it, no one would genuinely receive what they need, and everyone would always be mistrustful.


There’s a saying that goes, “Alone, you can go fast, but together you can go far.” We believe this to be entirely true. Whether with our team members, our suppliers, or with clients, teamwork at every stage is vital in order to achieve something spectacular.


We are responsible for ensuring that tasks get done:

  • Our clients depend on us to come through for them
  • Our suppliers rely on us to provide them ample time for materials and to pay our bills
  • Our team depends on us to give them the tools to succeed

Without being reliable with each other, we would not exist.


We are persistent in everything we do. For us, doing good is not enough. We have to be persistent and drive to the next level in all areas to ensure we’re always performing at a top level.

We are always striving for better. For us, good just isn’t enough. We have to strive and drive to produce amazing results for our clients so that we can always be at our best.

Financially Responsible

We are a financially responsible business. This responsibility means that profit is important to us, we strictly limit debt, price our services correctly, stick to our annual budgets and maintain transparency with our team about the financial health of our company.

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